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Largo Natural Shaker

Construction All wood, no particle board Doors & Drawer Fronts Solid wood with MDF center Face Frame Solid wood 3/4" thick Cabinet Box Plywood 1/2" thick Sides Finished in matching color Interior Finished in matching color Drawer Box Dovetailed, 5/8"T solid wood Drawer Glides Soft-closing, undermount Hinges Concealed, 6 way adjustable Wood Species Maple & birch Assembly Interlocking Metal Brackets Door Overlay Full overlay Best Price Guarantee Effective Additional Information

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About Largo Natural Shaker RTA Cabinets

Whenever people hear the work Shaker they think of a white kitchen. It’s not surprising because the majority of the Shaker style kitchens seem to go in that direction. The tradition comes down straight from the Shakers themselves who believed in extreme simplicity and their idea of embellish mostly stretched to white. But not all Shaker cabinets veered towards this direction. Some, albeit a small percentage, tended to opt for a more natural finish. This led to the rise of a new style which is often visible in ranges like the Largo Natural Shaker rta cabinets which create the perfect blend of all natural flavor with the Shaker strength and simplicity.

These all wood Largo Natural Shaker kitchen cabinets are made from either maple or birch wood and have no particle board involved anywhere in the construction. This means that they assure one of highest quality in their make, look as well as functionality. Their durability and longevity offers every user a greater value for their money than any other RTA cabinet in the same range and standard. The wood is used to create the solid doors of the cabinets whose boxes are constructed out of with 1/2" thick plywood. Thus they make an even match with each other, both in the functionality and the overall balance.

The Largo Natural Shaker cabinets boasts of drawers and drawer fronts that are made from solid wood and have MDF center. The face frames have 3/4" thick solid wood while the drawer boxes are perfectly dovetailed with 5/8"T solid wood. The under mount glides are of the highest quality and lead to easy closing and opening of the drawers without spoiling their look. This makes these drawers feel light and easy despite their heavy wood construction. The 6 way adjustable hinges make it easy to operate the solid doors but again, do not mar the style because they are careful concealed from open view.

The sides and the insides of the cabinets as well as of the drawers are finished in matching color. This careful attention to detail makes the Largo Natural Shaker cabinets stand apart from the usual RTA cabinets that flood the market. The full door overlay simply adds to this look and superior finish. Despite all these great features, these cabinets come with the best price guarantee that can be had. They offer quality, durability and functionality, all on one single package. With the interlocking metal brackets they are also super easy to set up, helping one save big time on hardware, labor and installation costs.

The natural elegance of the Largo Natural Shaker ready to assemble kitchen cabinets makes them a great bargain for all homeowners. Whether one chooses them for an all new kitchen in a new house or for a redecorated one, they blend in with the overall home décor to create a cozy nook for every home. Their natural sturdiness provides every home with a timeless beauty and permanence which is hard to come by with other cabinets. 

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