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Classic Oak

Construction All wood, no particle board Doors & Drawer Fronts Solid wood with MDF center Face Frame Solid wood 3/4" thick Cabinet Box Plywood 1/2" thick Sides Finished in matching color Interior Finished in matching color Drawer Box Standard, 5/8"T solid wood Drawer Glides Standard, undermount Hinges Concealed, 6 way adjustable Wood Species Oak Assembly Interlocking Metal Brackets Door Overlay Full overlay Best Price Guarantee Effective Additional Information

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About Classic Oak RTA Cabinets

When it comes to creating the traditional look for your kitchen nothing can beat the Classic Oak ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. They are the strong and silent heroes of home décor that always promise value for money. In terms of color and texture they are very easy to blend with all kinds of walls and floors which make them an easy investment really. If you are building a new kitchen then you don’t have to really spend on fancy floorings or exotic shades on the wall to get a great look. With the Classic collection you can use the bland beige and transform it into a warm and welcoming kitchen with ease.

The all wood construction of these Classic Oak kitchen cabinets make for solid and durable kitchen with ample space for storage and functional area for work as well. There is no particle board to compromise this strength and functionality like on other similar RTA cabinets. The cabinet boxes themselves are made from very high quality1/2" thick plywood. This clever use of ply makes them easy to use without being too heavy and cumbersome, and also makes them easy to clean and maintain.

This quality and durability is further enhanced with the doors and drawers which are both crafted out of solid wood. There is no beating this kind of value when it comes to cabinets, for you get the custom great looks and longevity without the custom price attached to it. Solid wood also comes in the drawer fronts as they for the 3/4" thick face frames. The use of pure solid oak to construct the various pieces of the Classic Oak rta kitchen cabinets simply assures one of 100% quality. The drawer glides are standard and under mount leading to easy open and close functions.

Another feature that seamlessly adds to this functionality is the use of the 6 way adjustable and concealed hinges. They aid in smooth operations for years without marring the look of the Classic Oak ready to assemble cabinets in any way. The quiet elegance of these cabinets is enhanced by the superior finish. The interiors of the cabinets as well as the sides are finished in matching colors giving a kind of infinite continuity to the whole kitchen. After they are assembled and set up, these state of the art cabinets transform the bland kitchen into the heart of the home.

The best thing about the Classic Oak cabinets is that they do this transformation without costing the sun and the moon. Along with being affordable, these cabinets are very easy to ship to shipping charges are low. The kits include interlocking metal brackets for easy assembly along with step by step instructions in the manual that accompanies the kit. This means easy DIY installations for the intrepid home owner and very low labor cost for those who prefer professional help. In either case, it still ensures working within the budget and more room for other home and interior expenses.

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