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Cherry Maple

Construction All wood, no particle board Doors & Drawer Fronts Solid wood Face Frame Solid wood 3/4" thick Cabinet Box Plywood 1/2" thick Sides Finished in matching color Interior Finished in natural color Drawer Box Dovetailed, 5/8"T solid wood Drawer Glides Soft-closing, undermount Hinges Concealed, 6 way adjustable Wood Species Maple Assembly Staples Door Overlay Full overlay Best Price Guarantee Effective Additional Information More Sprecifications

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Cherry Maple – Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

Recent surveys show that the real estate industry is really picking up after the tough times faced during the recession. The house market is particularly looking forward to good growth and with the low mortgage rates still affordable the rush for home buying is a common sight in most states. What these developments also mean is that associative businesses like interior d├ęcor and design will also see massive growth in the near future. As more and more Americans are looking into new homes there is rising demand for great interiors and state of the art cabinets like the Cherry Maple rta kitchen cabinets.

The Cherry Maple cabinets are known for their intrinsic warmth which is as much due to the natural beauty of the maple wood as it is due to the excellent design and construction that goes behind their making. The mix of solid wood with plywood cabinets of the highest grade goes a long way to ensure the quality and popularity of these ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. The doors, door frames, drawers and drawer fronts are made of solid maple while the cabinet boxes and shelves within are made from A-grade plywood. As a result you get a quality product that will last long and yet be lightweight and easy to use.

Unlike other RTA products in the market, the Cherry Maple cabinets have no use of particle board anywhere in its construction. This is one of the primary reasons for its enduring performance and quality which offers users with so much value for money. It is not just in quality that these kitchen cabinets score big though. The solid wood face frame with the smooth finish, the intricate lines on the dovetailed drawers and the evenness of looks with sides and interiors finished in the natural maple color brings out the true beauty of these cabinets.

You can expect optimum ease of use when you opt for the Cherry Maple because they come equipped with under mount glides for easy and soft closing of the drawers that are made of solid wood. In the same way, the solid wood doors have 6 way adjustable hinges which make operations so easy and yet stay out of sight so as not to mar the smooth look and feel. Smoother operations and high quality construction also mean that despite daily use these ready to assemble kitchen cabinets can withstand the wear and tear better than other similar products. They will look just as new and perform the same way for years.

Setting these rta cabinets is easy since they come in an easy to assemble package along with instruction manual that offer step by step guidance. They not only take less time but also cost less money to set up which adds to their popularity and demand. One can even install them without professional help if the situation so demands. The faster lead that the Cherry Maple cabinets offer makes them a first choice for many homeowners, builders, contractors and interior designers.

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