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Mocha Rope

These cabinets are available in Ready to Assemble packaging to save you even more money and provide faster lead time.
Construction All wood, no particle board Doors & Drawer Fronts Solid wood with MDF center Face Frame Solid wood 3/4" thick Cabinet Box Plywood 1/2" thick Sides Finished in matching color Interior Finished in matching color Drawer Box Dovetailed, 5/8"T solid wood Drawer Glides Soft-closing, undermount Hinges Concealed, 6 way adjustable Wood Species Maple & birch Assembly Assembled Door Overlay Full overlay Best Price Guarantee Effective Additional Information

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Mocha Rope – Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

The warm colors of the Mocha Rope cabinets make for cozy and comfortable kitchen that can be as modern in design as traditional. They are one of the most sought after designs in the entire rta kitchen cabinet category and this has as much do with their looks as it does with their functionality. Designed with care and manufactured under precision methods, these products guarantee every user a state of the art kitchen that can be set up with little time and effort. The natural wood feel of these cabinets adds a deep character that is not easy to come by.

Unlike other RTA cabinets in the market today, the Mocha Rope stands out as being one the best buys because they offer high quality assurance. This assurance comes from the use of solid blend of maple and birch woods that make them sturdy, durable and long lasting. But does that make them an expensive proposition? Absolutely not. On the contrary, these ready to assemble cabinets are one of the most affordable in the market offering buyers with more value for their money than ever before. With these products one gets to win all the way.

The doors and face frames are built in solid wood as are the drawer fronts which also have MDF center face. Unlike other typical ready to assemble kitchen cabinets there is no use of particle board anywhere here to undermine their quality. At the same time the cabinet boxes themselves are made from high quality plywood which balances out the depth and weight of the entire structure. The design of the Mocha Rope also includes the same natural color finish for the interiors and the sides of the cabinets which ensure a more natural flow of the look and style.

In terms of aesthetics these cabinets boast of perfectly dovetailed drawers and full door overlay that make them so much more beautiful than any other similar product in the market. But that is not all for the Mocha Rope RTA kitchen cabinets are also known for their spaciousness and utility as well. They offer ample storage and work space and make the kitchen space one of the best loved part of every home. With the hidden 6 way adjustable and the under mount glides that offer soft and easy closing, these cabinets are just the perfect way to enhance the look and feel of one’s kitchen.

What’s more, when one’s opts for the Mocha Rope series one also does away with the typical assembly worries that are associated with RTA products. Unlike their rival products, these kitchen cabinets come with easy instructions which make the assembly easy. More than that they are manufactured in such a way that each and every piece fits with the corresponding one with ease. They have been designed keeping the user’s convenience in mind so that they don’t have to spend too much time and effort to set these up, or even spend money to hire a professional for the same.

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